When Does Volleyball Season Start

When Does Volleyball Season Start? (8 Levels of Play)

With so many levels and leagues of volleyball it can be confusing when seasons start and end. It seems like volleyball has become year-round, so knowing the different seasons for play is necessary. In this article we will provide you with information on the seasons, levels, and options you have for play or spectating the great sport of volleyball.

High school and middle school volleyball teams begin their season in August . Club volleyball teams begin play in the fall, and beach volleyball in the summer. Higher level play, such as professional, international, and the Olympics, are played year-round.

With all the different types of volleyball leagues, let’s break down some of the details. Below you will find more information on the different seasons depending on the type of volleyball you want to play (or watch). We will look at when they begin training, start their season, and wrap things up.

When Does Volleyball Season Start?

When Does Volleyball Season Start

Volleyball is a sport that can be played year-round. Depending on where you live, volleyball season can start at different times of the year. In this section we will be looking at when typical seasons in the United States begin starting with school volleyball all the way up to professional play.

Volleyball Season Chart

Level of PlayMonths of Play
Middle SchoolAug-Nov
High SchoolAug-Nov
Club SeasonsOct-July
College SeasonAug-Dec

The chart above is a general breakdown of the seasons, however, there are many more details to a volleyball season. Read on to learn about the different levels of volleyball and their seasons.

When Do Middle School & High School Volleyball Seasons Start?

Middle school and high school girls volleyball seasons run on similar schedules. We break them each down, and let you know some important times of their seasons.

Middle School

Middle school volleyball is one of the most popular levels of play. With this level of play, many schools will have workouts and camps to prepare the athlete for the upcoming season. These will often take place in the summer months of June and July when school is out for break.

When August comes around, middle schools will often have tryouts for the team. During these try outs, coaches will look at the skills and abilities of the athletes. They will also see how well players work together on the court to make up a team.

Often, there will be many athletes interested in playing volleyball at this age. That means schools may have more than one team playing at this level. I have known schools that had an A team, B team, and C team. This gives more opportunities to players when trying out for a team. 

High School

High School volleyball is becoming an extremely popular sport to participate in for athletes. At this level of play, many of the athletes have experienced this sport in other settings such as middle school, recreational leagues or club. When athletes play high school volleyball, they should expect pre-season workouts that will take place in June or July.

At the beginning of August, coaches may have a try out period for all athletes that are wanting to play. During this time, coaches will be evaluating the level of skills of the athletes and how well they play with other players to help form teams. Sometimes, matches are scheduled before the school year begins, so they need to form teams rather quickly.

In high school, there is usually a freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity team. If a freshman shows a higher level of skills, they may be asked to play for junior varsity or varsity. With volleyball becoming more popular, it is not uncommon for schools to have more than one freshman team. If that occurs, schools will need to come up with an alternate schedule to accommodate extra teams.

When Does Club Volleyball Season Start?

Some volleyball players want to play after the school season, so they join club volleyball. Tryouts for club are in July, so teams can begin to get to know each other and even have some practice time as well. 

Club volleyball season starts in late October or early November. It is not uncommon to have some pre-season workouts and practices before then. 

Teams will practice 2-3 times a week along with some strength and agility training. Tournaments typically start in January, so there is a good amount of time for teams to practice together and enhance individual skills. 

When Does College Volleyball Season Start?

College volleyball is more competitive with experienced athletes. The season begins in late August or early September. Sometimes there are tryout periods before the season where athletes can “walk on” and try out for the team. Most of the team is formed through recruiting from the school year before.

Off season workouts are usually expected for college volleyball athletes. There may even be practices with the team during this time. 

When Do International, Professional, & Olympic Volleyball Seasons Start?

These three levels of volleyball usually are training year-round. We break each of them down and look further into their schedules.


International volleyball tournaments and events start taking place in the month of May. This level of play is highly competitive and includes many teams around the world. These athletes are practicing as a team year-round.

If an athlete wants to play for an international team, they can start by sending videos of them playing strongly in a few matches to coaches. They should also contact them to let them know their interest in the team. 


Professional volleyball is played year-round. These volleyball players do get paid, so training and practicing is essential year-round also. Most of the international events and leagues take place during the summer. 

Many international teams compete in Volleyball Nations League. This league starts in May and ends in June. In this tournament the top 16 international teams compete until there are 6 teams left. Then they move on to a final tournament until there is a champion.


The Olympics volleyball season is during the Summer Olympics which occurs every 4 years. Professional and international players usually make up the team. The Olympians practice and train intensely over several months. They also compete together in international tournaments.

To qualify for the Olympics a team must play in at least 12 FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball) tournaments. These tournaments must be classified as a 3-5 star tournament which are ones that are at higher levels of play. These Olympians must be conditioned to play approximately 5 hours per day as they will play several teams in one day.

When Does Beach Volleyball Season Start?

Depending on where you live beach volleyball can start at different times of the year. In the United States, most beach volleyball starts in the month of May. Beach volleyball can be played at all age groups. It is different from court volleyball in that it is in sand and often played with two or three players on each side of the court. 

If you are interested in beach volleyball, look around your community and you will more than likely be surprised at all the beach volleyball courts available. There are many opportunities of play with beach volleyball. There is anything from recreational, tournaments, and professional play. In the past few years, beach volleyball has gained a lot of popularity.

Another popular choice for beach volleyball is to check out AVP volleyball. They tout themselves as the “gold standard of beach volleyball”.

How Long Does Volleyball Season Last?

How Long Does Volleyball Season Last

Each level of volleyball has different lengths of seasons. Some of them last just weeks while others can last for months. Below we will explain the different lengths of seasons depending on the level that is of interest to you. Keep in mind that many of these levels of play have a pre-season time at the beginning of the season and end of season tournaments.  

How Long Do Middle School & High School Seasons Last?

Middle School

The middle school volleyball season usually lasts 10-12 weeks for girls and boys. During those weeks, the school district will have a schedule of matches to be played. There are usually 1-2 matches per week along with practices. Many schools will require practice daily excluding match days.

High School

The high school volleyball season usually lasts 10-12 weeks for girls and boys. High schools will typically play teams in their district. However, many high school teams also play teams from other districts throughout their season. These extra games may be considered scrimmages or count toward their overall record for the season.

How Long Does Club Season Last?

The club volleyball season lasts from September to May. Much of the season is played from November to May because a lot of club players are playing for their school from September to November. Club tryouts are during the summertime, so they know their teams before the school year starts. They may have some practices before November, but a regular schedule will start after the school season.

How Long Does College Season Last?

The College volleyball season typically lasts from the beginning of August to the beginning of December. They usually play around 30 games which is at a pace that will keep anyone on their toes. Extra games may be scheduled for scrimmages to help with practicing game situations.

How Long Do International, Professional, & Olympic Seasons Last?


The international volleyball season usually lasts from May to October. Even though their regular season is six months, they play in other tournaments throughout the rest of the year. Two of those tournaments are the World Championships and the Olympics. Both take place once every four years, so training and practicing is a daily activity for these athletes. 


The professional volleyball season could last up to 9 months out of the year. A competitive team could see up to 50 matches in a season. They are expected to travel often during these months. For the professionals, taking time off to rest and recover from the season is necessary. During the off time, they tend to their sponsor commitments, attend supporter events, and spend time with their families.  


The actual season for Olympic volleyball is 2 weeks during the games. These athletes train and compete for 4 years leading up to the big competition. They play in many international tournaments to qualify for the Olympics. There is a huge time commitment for these athletes during those 4 years, but it is worth it to them to go for the gold. 

How Long Does Beach Volleyball Season Last?

Most beach volleyball seasons last from May to August in the United States. In the warmer climates, there can be many beach volleyball seasons throughout the year. The nice thing about beach volleyball is all the different levels it encompasses. From beginner to professional this type of volleyball is loved by many and since it’s played outside it’s extra fun!

When Does the Volleyball Season End?

When Does the Volleyball Season End

The end of a season in volleyball is a time to celebrate successes and reflect on how to become better for the next one. Some levels of volleyball have a definite ending and have a lot of time for off- season, such as middle and high school. Others have a shorter off-season time with less of a defined ending, such as international and professional play. In the section below we will explain how the ending of a season is different for all the levels.

When Do the Middle School & High School Seasons End?

Middle School

The middle school season usually ends at the end of October or the beginning of November. After regular season play, there will often be a tournament within the district. This tournament will sometimes occur on a weekend at the end of the season.

High School

The high school season will usually last until the end of October. Following the regular season, high school will often have tournaments. This usually includes a district, region and/or state tournament or both. A team will need to do well in their district or region to be in the state tournament. Winning the state tournament is a great achievement and many of those players are recruited to go on to college level.

When Does the Club Season End?

The club season will end in mid-March. After regular season play, teams will play in tournaments to see if they qualify for a regional or national championship. If they qualify for a regional or national championship, the season can last into late June or early July. Club volleyball is a great way to improve volleyball skills and often leads to being recruited by a college.

When Does the College Season End? 

The college volleyball season ends around December. Depending on a team’s record, they may be invited to a regional or national tournament. They may also have to play in a qualifying tournament to attend a regional or national tournament. The NCAA tournament is the most popular for a college team to be invited. The tournament will last a couple of weeks to determine the national champion.

When Do the International, Professional, & Olympic Volleyball Seasons End? 


The international volleyball season ends in October. Even though their regular season ends at this time, they may play in tournaments. They will also use this extra time for strength and conditioning to be ready for the next season. 


The professional volleyball season ends in April or May. It can extend longer if they are in playoff and championship tournaments. They play about 9 months out of the year. This does not count all the “friendly” matches they play throughout the year with other teams to prepare for the next season. 


The Olympic Season ends when the Olympic volleyball tournament is over. After the Olympics, some of the players will start training again for the next Olympics after taking a much-needed break. They will often be seen playing at the international and professional level. 

When Does the Beach Volleyball Season End?

Most beach volleyball seasons end in the month of August. If you live in a warm climate, beach volleyball can have seasons in the fall and winter. For the international or professional beach volleyball player, the season can be year-round. Some of these players become so talented that they compete in the beach volleyball Olympics.  


There are many seasons and levels of volleyball. Knowing when they start, how long they are, and when they end will keep you informed as a player, coach, or spectator. Volleyball is becoming a year-round sport, so keeping yourself informed on the details of each season will help you stay in the loop.

Make sure you are ready for your volleyball season by training at home or finding some local clinics. While the season may be short, training is year-round.

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